Benefits of spaying and neutering

At Spring Animal Hospital in Long Beach, we firmly believe every dog and cat should be spayed or neutered, both for their own health and to help reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens. Each year, thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in local animal shelters. By getting some of the best spaying and neutering Long Beach has to offer for dogs and cats, you save the lives of innocent animals.

Spaying or neutering dogs and cats also makes them less likely to develop serious conditions, including breast or testicular cancer. Spaying greatly lowers the chance of female dogs and cats contracting a uterine infection called pyometra – which is serious and life-threatening. Spaying or neutering will also prevent unwanted animal behaviors like aggression, territory marking and roaming the neighborhood to mate.

Spaying female cats and dogs

Spaying is a veterinary surgical procedure that removes your female dog or cat’s ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Removing these organs makes it so your dog or cat is unable to reproduce. The surgery is performed while your pet is under general anesthesia. Spaying is a major contributor to keeping the pet population in Long Beach manageable. By spaying your dog or cat, she will never have heat cycles. By not reproducing, you manage to avoid unwanted litters of kitties or puppies that die in local animal shelters. Spaying is a preventative measure, protecting your pet from serious medical problems such as uterine infections and mammary cancer.

The spaying procedure is very simple. Your dog or cat is placed under anesthesia. Then, a surgical incision is made in your pet’s abdomen. The reproductive organs are removed. After that, the surgical incision is closed. The entire procedure is pain-free and your pet will sleep through it.

Neutering male cats and dogs

Neutering is a veterinary surgical procedure that removes your male dog or cat’s testicles. Removing a pet’s testicles is a critical part of protecting their future health. Neutering will curb your male dog or cat’s natural desire to mate. This lessens the chance of your pet roaming the neighborhood to mate — helping them avoid fights or injuries from vehicles that will seriously injure your dog or cat. Neutering also prevents possible fatal health conditions such as prostate disease and testicular cancer.

The neutering procedure itself is very simple and painless, and with our low cost neuter Long Beach, pet’s operations are done quite quickly. A small surgical incision is made in your pet’s scrotal sac so that the testicles can be surgically removed in a simple surgery. After that, the incision is closed so your pet can heal. Your dog or cat will be under general anesthetic, unaware that the procedure is taking place, and completely comfortable and free from pain.

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Responsible pet owners should have their dog or cat spayed or neutered. Not only does it help control the Long Beach pet population, spaying or neutering is beneficial to your pet’s heath. Contact our office today to schedule some of the best spay and neuter Long Beach has to offer.